Rogue Bunnies have Invaded!

Similar to last summer we have experienced very little rain here in Winnipeg. As a result there has been little need to cut the grass in my yard. Since I haven’t been quite as diligent in my lawn keeping duties some of the local wild life has taken the opportunity to use a small corner of my yard as a place to raise a family. I have wild bunnies in my yard. I noticed that something had been digging in the lawn by my composting pile. When I investigated further I found a little burrow that was making squeaking noises. On close inspection it appears that one of the local wild rabbits that regularly make a feast of my plants had given birth to a number of itty bitty bunnies.

I have been keeping a lazy eye on their progress and endeavouring to get a decent picture of my new neighbours. However with the rather brown condition of my lawn and the very brown colour of the baby bunnies my photos have been pretty much dark brown with light brown edges. I startled them yesterday and one of the bunnies bolted. I am hoping the mother bunny managed to round up her wayward child and deposited it safely back in the warren.

For the foreseeable future I will not be mowing the back yard.