Trash and Recycling Disruption Addressed

So it took a couple of days for the dangling wires to be fixed in the alley, but MTS did finally show up to do the work. Not only did they fix my neighbour’s dangling wires that had been ripped out of her house, but they tightened them up so that they don’t dangle too low. They are still low in general, however they might be high enough for the trash and recycling trucks to pass beneath without snagging them.

MTS also did some customer checking and came to realize that I don’t have a phone! As such the workers did the correct thing and removed the wire that ran from the overheads in the alley down to my house. So for the first time since I moved into my house I don’t have a wire that dangles down into my yard where I have to duck to avoid it while doing yard work.

There hasn’t been any word on whether the trash and recycling company will be fined for the damage caused.

Trash and Recycling Disruption

Here in Winnipeg the city made a change to how it handles Trash and Recycling pick-up this year. First the city supplied new bins for the automated element of the new trucks that would be doing the pick-up. Then they changed how the schedule for pick-up would work. Instead of having a schedule that would shift with holidays, they changed it so that pick-up for each area of the city was on a specified day of the week. My day is always a Monday.

Generally speaking I am pretty happy with the results. I take my trash and recycling out the night before and in the morning on my way to work I roll my lovely bins to the edge of my drive in the alley. When I come home usually my trash and recycling have been picked up… Until the last couple of weeks. My trash still gets picked up, but for the first time in the four years I have been in my house I’m having an issue with the trash pick-up.

Twice in the last three weeks either the garbage truck or the recycling truck has taken out overhead wires in the alley right behind my house. Thankfully the wires that run to my house haven’t been pulled out, however my cross-alley neighbour hasn’t been so lucky. The first time it happened it just caused the wires that run to our houses to droop far too low. Last night however, the wires were hanging again, but my neighbour’s phone line was literally ripped out of her house. We found out that the trash pick-up company that had hit the wires had not informed the city of what had happened and that my neighbour had to contact the phone company personally to request they come and repair the damage.

It is my hope that when the phone company comes out to repair the wires that they will figure out a way to raise them. I am also hoping that the company that is running the trash pick-up for the city is going to be charged for their negligence. The old trucks used to make it down these back lanes without difficulty. The new trucks don’t look like they’re any bigger. Come on guys, it may not be a glamourous job, but it is a very much appreciated job when you do it well.