Shadowrun Returns – Adventure Creation

So last night a couple of friends and I met at The Fyxx in downtown Winnipeg to begin a collaboration on a storyline for the new Shadowrun Returns game that is being released by Harebrained Studios on July 25th. When it comes to games, I am usually just in the role of one of the players. I don’t have much experience in the story telling aspect. I’ll have to admit that it really takes some coaxing for me to contribute, but I think in the end it may be worth it.

I am somewhat familiar with the Shadowrun background material as I participated in a pretty good tabletop version of the game a number of years ago. Generally speaking Shadowrun adventures have a pretty linear progression of going from point A to point B and getting back to point A again without the characters being killed. My failing when trying to come up with ideas for larger scaled stories is that I can’t picture the whole overarching concept. This is where the collaboration helps. I have a good idea about a small aspect of the story, as do my friends. Once we had tabled our ideas, we could then mould our various stories to fit together. The short chapter concept of game story development seems to work really well.

Where none of us had enough to make a full story, our combined ideas came together quite well and we now have a good base for our adventure. Now when the editors become available (and we’ve had our initial fill of playing the game when its released) we’ll be able to put together the parts to our larger adventure. It should be a lot of fun putting together dialogue and the various event triggers. I’ve always been fairly envious of game storytellers and their ability to put together a story that is fun and engaging.

One week to wait! Woohoo!

Trash and Recycling Disruption Update

So it happened again this week. My neighbour’s cable was pulled out of her house again. This caused my cable to sag into my yard again. Good news though! Shaw came by last night and re-installed my neighbour’s cable… and raised the wire high enough so that the trucks can get by without getting snagged!

There should be no further issues.